Mayami Magic Twist – #1 for NextGen Swings

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Mayami Magic Twist, is a soft poly, and has a great combination of feel and spin with its heptagonal twisted profile and produces a very precise shot.



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Mayami Magic Twist is a very comfortable feeling string and your arm will thank you after many hours on the court.

Feel & Spin of Mayami Magic Twist

This string has a great combination of feel and spin with its heptagonal twisted profile and produces a very precise shot. The ball leaves felt on the strings after a heavy forehand rip and produces a very satisfying contact.


This is a low powered string meant for those who like the racket and the swing to do the work.

Touch & Control

The ball literally sticks to the strings and doesn’t let go until the last millisecond. No spraying balls over the baseline or strange flyers. This is a string you can absolutely rely on in the toughest moments of a match to keep you in the point with its super control.


Durability is good and you will get a lot of play time on the practice and match courts.

Tension Maintenance

A very special string in that typically soft polyesters don’t hold tension for very long but this holds better than even the stiffest polyesters on the market. How is it done ? Through chemical composition, the heptagonal twisted profile and a special manufacturing process, we have made a string that is about as close to the holy grail in terms of softness, playability and tension stability.


Bright fluo yellow which is unmistakable on the court.


Mix with Mayami Hit Pro in a hybrid for incredible feel as Hit Pro is the softest poly on the market (same softness as Natural Gut)


  • Color: Fluo Yellow
  • Gauge: 1.25mm
  • Length: 200m reels / 12m sets
  • Construction: Heptagonal twisted (7-sided twisted)

mayami magic twist heptagonal string shape

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11 reviews for Mayami Magic Twist – #1 for NextGen Swings

  1. Iko P.

    Great string, perfect for NextGen Forehanders!!! Perfect grip and mega control. I love it

  2. Lars

    Mayami has literally been a game changer for me! Never thought a string could make such a difference. Massive spin combined with better grip and control. Huge improvement in my game. Thank you Mayami!

  3. Vladimir Polak

    I’m very satisfied with this string. Great control over the ball, high longevity, great touch and saves the arm.

  4. Alberto Roncucci

    very elastic string very comfortable and with a great spin

  5. Tommaso

    Strings are very comfortable and have a long life more than solico hyper G that I used till now. My game has more control and I’m able to mix flat and spin balls.

  6. Christian

    Perfect string for me, good feel and pocketing,
    perfect spin, kontroll and touch for a poly.
    String a little less.

  7. Nuno Topa

    I really like the string. Confortable, and the control is very good. Tension mainteinance is also a standout caracteristic. Maybe Will go for a lower tension than usual, because i think i can get some more power, and not sacrifice the control. I Will try the string in the next tournament, and i Will also recommend it to my players. Best Regards

  8. Edwin Brethouwer

    took some time to get used to the string but the string now plays fantastic

  9. Thomas Kasinger

    The string is really good and the price is OK. My two sons are also like them. My youngest son is playing for more than than 10 hours and the string is still good to play and he is a hard hitter. I really can recommend this string. Best regards
    Thomas Kasinger

  10. Tobias

    Really like the string ! Amazing string with slot of spin,power and comfort ! I like it.

  11. Thomas Kasinger

    So far my two sons really like to play with this string. I also can recommend this string.
    Best regards Thomas Kasinger

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