Mayami Hit Pro – Beautiful feel and touch

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Mayami Hit Pro is an extremely soft poly (as soft as Natural Gut) and offers excellent all round comfort on every shot.



This is a great cross string to combine with Big Spin for soft on the arm but reliable shots.


Mayami Hit Pro is a string that offers excellent all round comfort on every shot and you wont feel the shock of off center hits or serves. Its very close to Alu in feel and power.

Feel & Spin

Good spin, good feel, good play. The traditional rounded profile provides a familiar feel to monofilament string players and you will be right at home from the first ball.


Controlled power is the hallmark of this string and allows the player to do the work.


High control combined with the power and feel of a strong polyester, this is a string for every player looking for an all round string that does everything well and does let you down in any department.


Its a strong string and will surprise you with its durability.

Tension Maintenance

These hold tension better than most monofilaments so you will get a lot of play out of them.


Gut like color looks clean and crisp in the racket and inspires confidence


  • Color: Natural
  • Gauge: 1.25mm
  • Length: 200m reels / 12m sets
  • Construction: Round Profile

Mayami Hit Pro String Construction Circular

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2 reviews for Mayami Hit Pro – Beautiful feel and touch

  1. Michael Nieberg

    yesterday’s 1st match with Mayami Hit Pro / Big Spin Hybrid with 24/23 kg. Very satisfied!
    More power and control with the Hit Pro then with the Kirschbaum Gut Feeling.
    I also think the durability is better.

    The Kirschbaum has a little bit more touch and it seems to be a little bit softer, more arm friendly.
    But my favorite is now the Hit Pro/Big Spin combination !

  2. Alain F

    I hit with the Mayami Hit pro for a month. I find a good combination of control and power. It’s more oriented control than power but the power is good. The spin is correct. Very good string !

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