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Big Spin

A profiled string such as Mayami Big Spin can help immensely with spin generation. The triangular twisted profile enables the string to snap back and this is what produces spin on the ball. Mayami Big Spin is rated as the number one spin string on

Tour Hex

Due to a unique chemical makeup this string offers incredible control in a soft polyester. Ideal for counter punchers, baseliners and touch players. Mayami Tour Hex is one of the highest rated control strings on

Hit Pro

A classic round polyester, Mayami Hit Pro delivers in all departments giving you great feel on the ball and best suited for all round players that want control, power, feel, durability and a softer feel on the ball.

Hepta Power

You will get a ton of power on the serve, and your arm and shoulder will thank you after a 2-hour heavy session on the clay or a fast hardcourt with our Mayami Hepta Power. Ideal for power hitters, string breakers, big servers.

Magic Twist

A very important aspect of modern Tennis is the speed of the ball. Its fast ! Playing with a hard string is going to have an impact on your wrist, arm and shoulder. What if there was a Tennis string that had all the attributes of power, control, spin but was really soft on the arm and the ball literally sticks to the strings? Try Mayami Magic Twist !


Mayami Strings, the most exciting nextgen Tennis string brand in the world, now in Europe, right out of our Berlin warehouse.